Maquette for Bridge I

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The original maquette for the life size Bridge I was made in plastilina. This material does not harden, or support itself over wide spans, which is why there is a steel rod holding up the figure’s back. The maquette’s size makes it too small to build from plaster. To make the piece permanent I am replacing parts of the maquette one at a time with a special mix of Portland cement. In the pictures the light gray parts are plastilina, and the darker gray indicates that the plastilina has been cut from the wire armature, and special tinted cement has been modeled over that armature.

Centennial Club Show

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The centennial club show this last February was a big success! The light, the space, and the welcoming members provided ideal conditions for a sculpture show. So many members expressed delight, and I had a great time talking with everyone there. I’m certainly hoping that we can do it again next year.

An Elegant Woman

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This is a pretty new piece that was shown at the Centennial Club show. The name of the piece is “An Elegant Woman”, and it meant to be an idealization of an idea, not a representation of an individual. It was one of the pieces I received the most comments about during the show. I’ll get some bigger pictures and add it to our portfolio soon.

Site redesign

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As of 05/18, the LaBonne sculptures web site version 2.0 is live! We had simply outgrown the previous site structure. This new version has *lots* of new features – in depth galleries, blog posts, cool picture sliders.. More importantly, it allows for much easier content addition, and more text associated with each new piece of content. So, steadfast watcher, you should be seeing a more steady stream of new posts available.  Thea and I are excited about the prospects!