Cast Cement Fondue (1983) 42" x 16" x 12"


Terracotta (2013)
7" x 6" x 6"
Ned LaBonne

Tummy Time

Terracotta (2013)
7" x 11" x 7"
Ned LaBonne

Unconditional Love

Terracotta (2012)
12" x 16" x 15")
Ned LaBonne

Brittany at 12

Terracotta (2001)
12" x 8" x 12"
Ned LaBonne


Custom Portraits

Ned LaBonne offers custom portrait sculptures to interested individuals. Most often sculptures are ordered as a portrait of one’s self; one or both parents; one or more children, or adult children; or to honor an individual. Is there someone you would like to see sculpted?

For information about custom sculptures, contact us at

About Ned LaBonne

Ned Labonne grew up in New York, the son of respected portrait painter Eleanor LaBonne. He graduated from NC State and spent 2 decades honing his craft in the boroughs of Greenwich Village. He now lives in Nashville, TN, a thriving artist community in the southeast, where he can finally devote his time to his arts. A discussion with Ned is available here.

About Thea LaBonne

Thea grew up in Nashville and received her arts degree from Peabody College before moving to the Big Apple. She is the abstract eye in the LaBonne couple, and appreciates the complexity of form and shadow in both 2D and 3D form. She is currently working on her digital arts skills at Nashville Tech while forming her voice as an artist.

After Martha Graham sculpture

After Martha Graham



The Gardian


portrait of Pope Francis

The Humanitarian


Being shown in the front gallery window of the Corvidae Collective Gallery.

Girl with Long Hair


"Monkeys" (2016) 
18" x 10" x 1" Cassius Clay 
Ned LaBonne



The symmetrical use of the swimmer's limbs is evident from this point of view.

Butterfly Stroke


Young adult female

Standing Figure


free dance sculpture

Free Dance


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What’s Hot in the Nashville Art Scene

Two new art galleries are opening open their doors in Nashville’s growing visual arts industry.

The Red Arrow Gallery comes to Nashville by way of Joshua Tree, CA, and will open in East Nashville’s Riverside Village, with a focus on contemporary arts. Also, in the flourishing Wedgewood-Houston arts district, the David Lusk Gallery is set to open next door to Zeitgeist. The 2,500-square-foot space will open in an industrial building rehabbed into sleek gallery space.

"Working with Ned and Thea has been an absolute pleasure. They work hard with their clients to provide a bust that can be proudly displayed in our home. From the initial photography to the final touches, you can see the care and attention to detail."

− Tom Holt

"Ned LaBonne's show at the Centennial Club was our best-attended event yet! Our patrons loved the caring eye and attention to detail in his pieces. He has quite the discerning eye for the human form."

− Sarah Cartwright, Centennial Club

"I love the maquette pieces! These small works of art sparkle with life, and provide delight in the simple aspects of life. They are a happy addition to my glass display case."

− John Adams